Mon Paris

To my love for this city where I have lived for 40 years.

Of course, it has been photographed millions of times but I wanted to create concordances, simultaneities by bringing together places, atmospheres that inspire me.

I proceeded in three steps:

  • The shots of monuments and places of life with my gaze and my search for framing.
  • A search for superimpositions where neither of the two photos should “win” but must blend into a new “place” in Paris.
  • The marriage of these concordances in the layout of the book so that they respond to each other.

In artistic terms, the triptych is a painted and / or sculpted work which is mainly composed of three panels joined laterally.

Taken according to my discoveries, each of these photos, drawn in silver, exists by itself. Inspired by the technique of triptychs, I spent long hours composing, « decomposing », reconstructing…, these assemblies with my film photos.


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Sacré Profane


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