La Belle et le…Brut

I explored the link between the two media of painting and photography and highlighting this relationship and created a new serie: La Belle et le Brut.

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More than 10 months of hard work were necessary to be able to imagine, to dare, to search, to be deceived, to test, to find, and finally to create this original series of 10 paintings. Instinctively, I imagined explosion of colors to reveal these feminine nudes, capturing their sensuality, caressing their details, the grace of the gestures and the lines of their bodies. By transcending my photographer’s eye to combine it with painting, I explores new technical possibilities, going beyond the simple superposition of a layer of painting on a photograph: it is a thoughtful association between a black and white picture and a choice of colors, a sensitive work on the material, the paint, with a knife, and a final collage on a raw linen canvas. This technique aims to illustrate a particular relationship imposed by the unique poetry of each body and pose: simple drops of light with large areas of colours,a play on the material and contrasts, the challenge of extending the eye of the photographer with the hand of the painter, revealing the fascinating power of these « Belles » and bringing out a raw truth.








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