After years of photography, I noticed that my short-sightedness focused on close-ups. I feel they magnify the essence of colour and matter through light.

I wished to create triptychs because I aim to convey a mysterious sensation, infuse my photographs with poetry and also satisfy my predilection for balance. I design them to suggest a harmony of materials and the inspiration of my travels gives them an identity that reflects the magic moments captured by my Reflex.

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The titles of my triptychs (in Spanish) are partially linked to my frequent visits to South America, I wished to make a nod to a language and culture that I am particularly fond of. For example, the photo mosaic « Buenos Aires » expresses my passion for Argentina. Don’t you feel the fresh breeze enter the room in front of you when you look at this triptych?

The triptych « Amazonas porteñas » refers to the Amazons who – like the residents of the Argentine capital (las porteñas) – enjoy listening to the bandoneon songs played by the musician at the centre.

Their heavy red coats could be the curtains of a theatre stage…

In the photo mosaic « Sombras dibujadas » the light creates shadows that slowly mutate into figures. 

All my triptychs are created with analogue photographs and are never touched up. After all, does contemporary artistic photography need to be altered by software when it is possible to “borrow” from a world full of amazing contrasts and emotions? Finally, when creating each of these triptychs, I wanted to share the music that accompanied me/




Refuser l’unicité

Le 1-facilité.

Refuser le 1+1

Qui pourtant se répond

La dualité qui s’entend.

Explorer le 1+1+1

Où les extrêmes correspondent

Où le milieu fait le lien

Pour créer l’harmonie.

Une Harmonie différente.

Le passant s’attarde

Le lecteur devient acteur

Le voyeur ne voit pas.

Il regarde.

Corinne Thimen

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