Entre D’Eux

In art terms, triptychs are painted and/or sculpted art works that are mainly composed of three laterally jointed panels.

These random analogue photographs shot during my journeys of discovery, exist individually. Inspired by the triptych technique, I spent long hours composing, ‘decomposing’, rebuilding…, those units with my silver gelatin photos.

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It was in the evenings that my creative inspiration was strongest, more than likely intensified by the music I was listening to. During those musical nights, I started by choosing the central silver gelatin photos representing a portrait. And to find the balance of the future triptych, I looked through the shots taken during my travels for those that could ‘reverberate’ among each other and apply to the portrait. Once I defined my creative approach, I followed that thread in the composition of my photo triptychs. I integrated a creative play on the curves and lines of the composition between my silver gelatine photographs. I chose three major colours that ‘respond’ to each other in the association of images. While browsing through my slides, compositions originated which ultimately form a photographic triptych. The overall theme of those creations was given the name of « l’Entre D’Eux »…, a portrait between Two images.

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