Le regard Bellec


Very quickly, a look is drawn. He discovers the aesthetics, the sensuality, the intimacy of an instant in a detail, in a fragment, in a crevice that his gaze grasps. It evokes landscapes on parcels of matter.

Careful to sublimate his myopia, he favors tight frames that compensate for his blurry vision.

His second retina chases away with this obligation of intensity which gives an suggestive force to his images.


After years of photography, I noticed that my short-sightedness focused on close-ups. I feel they magnify the essence of colour and matter through light.

Entre d’Eux

In art terms, triptychs are painted and/or sculpted art works that are mainly composed of three laterally jointed panels.

Sacré Profane

While everything around him is speeding up, Bellec takes the time, the time to listen to his intuition and to look at the streets, the cities, the countries he roams.

Flaques de lumière

I love Paris, its streets and its sparkling diversity. I shot Paris at night, in the rain, with hurried pedestrians walking without seeing the ‘drawings’ created by the reflections of the neon lights, street lamps and flickering shop front lights on the wet pavements.


Each wall hides secrets that can be imagined through its look, its colours. These photographs of walls all are unretouched, because what is important to me is to remain in touch with the rough and authentic side of those images.

La Belle et… Le Brut

I explored the link between the two media of painting and photography and highlighting this relationship and created a new serie: La Belle et le Brut.

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